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We are the elite snipers of CoD4 and we have come to have our REDEMPTION!
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What'd I miss? Bloodisintheair25

What'd I miss? 23pavel

What'd I miss? Squashednuts

What'd I miss? Silencegun

What'd I miss? T0masss

What'd I miss? Lhalpl



 What'd I miss?

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PostSubject: What'd I miss?   What'd I miss? I_icon_minitimeMarch 9th 2011, 11:55 pm

Yeah... So, sup?
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PostSubject: Re: What'd I miss?   What'd I miss? I_icon_minitimeMarch 13th 2011, 10:55 am


add my xfire m8 it numskull102

btw dmn is closed now sry....

been lots of stuff happened ...

wheres tigy these days... we gotta catch up
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.:DMN:. Viper
.:DMN:. Viper

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PostSubject: Re: What'd I miss?   What'd I miss? I_icon_minitimeMarch 19th 2011, 5:21 am

Hey WOW been a while hasn't it? Good thing I pop in every once in a while. Razz
Nice to see a fellow brotha back. Smile
Like Jeremy said, .:DMN:. is closed up now. We had a merger of sorts with Ps. Pro-Snipers. Then Ps. decided to make the switch over to V1.7 mainly cause of all the drama associated with all of the V1.0/1.2 sniping clans and their members.
So now, Ps. is eX' Extreme-Snipers. We currently have 4 servers up and running, 3 on CoD4 V1.7 and one on CoD4 V1.0/1.2 still for our members who can't or don't want to switch to 1.7

But yea, if you really wanna get back into CoD or something (and if you want to be in a clan) you can come check out eX' Smile
We don't have our new site up quite yet, but you can still visit us at

-- eX'|Viper|A (Formerly .:DMN:. Viper|F)
-- My XFire: cgkstealth

What'd I miss? Cgkstealth
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What'd I miss? Empty
PostSubject: Re: What'd I miss?   What'd I miss? I_icon_minitime

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What'd I miss?
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